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I can’t handle how amazingly beautiful this pin is. 

I can’t handle how amazingly beautiful this pin is. 

Nail Polish is Fashion Too

You’re wearing floral rompers with a trendy fedora and a fabulous tote. Sounds like you’re ready for summer fashion but how ready are those nails of yours? 

The spring and summer time is the time to play with bright colors. So say good bye to Essie’s Sugar Daddy and Ballet Slippers. While they’re a great light neutral, they’re a bit too safe. Have some fun this season with the latest collection!

Doesn’t Brazilliant sound brilliant? It’s because it is. It’s one of Essie’s picks for this season and if the name doesn’t sell you, the color will. It’s a bright tangy orange that’ll turn heads at the beach. 


Shying away from such a bold color? Just think of it this way. This week when you get your nails done, make it a goal to step outside the box and try something new. After all, with just a little acetone it’s just a rub away!

Check out all of the other great colors Essie has to offer for this Summer at their website:

Well said Coco. We should all say this to ourselves when getting dressed every morning. 

Well said Coco. We should all say this to ourselves when getting dressed every morning. 

Deck out your hand with this lovely ring from LOFT. 

Deck out your hand with this lovely ring from LOFT. 

Accessorize Me

Not everyone has the budget of a celebrity A-lister but it doesn’t mean we can’t look the part. I often find that accessories can make any outfit look like a million dollars and a very economical price. Now, this doesn’t mean that the more bedazzle around your neck the more sophisticated and fashion-forward you look. It’s all about playing around with different materials, colors and just having fun with your look. 

The best piece of advice I can give you, if you’re too afraid to step out of your shell, is to start off slow. Believe it or not there are women out there, and you may be one of them, that refuse to wear large earrings. When I ask women who do not wear them often to explain to me why, most say they have a fear of looking ridiculous or like they are, “trying too hard.” Sound familiar?

What I say to this is take baby steps. Start off with a small set of earrings that hang and wear your hair down. Make sure that when you wear longer or larger earrings your necklace complements it and does not “compete” with it. More and more you will feel comfortable with earrings that hang which will allow you to try larger ones in the future. Remember, if your hair is down larger earrings are best because if not they will not be seen.

Be bold! Wear fashion rings and try a bracelet or two. Just like the recommended rule of not wearing large earrings with a chunky necklace, you shouldn’t pair a fashion ring on the same hand of a watch or of a chunky bracelet. 

What about scarves? Ever see women wear scarves during the Spring and Summer and think they’re nuts? Well they’re not. Think of a scarf as a chunky necklace. A printed scarf looks great over a solid tee and it takes your look to that celebrity level. 

Be daring and try a hat one day. They’re so many styles of fedoras out there that can meet any girl’s budget. If men can wear baseball caps indoors why can’t a woman rock a fedora indoors? 

Treat your hair as an accessory. What ever look you may be going for that day make sure to take your hair into consideration. Summer is great for many looks. Right now you’ll see many with the messy ponytail or beach waves. Be creative!

Accessories can spice up any wardrobe!

Store Cards

It seems like every store has a reward, membership or credit card program for customers. Many customers find themselves saying no without even giving the salesperson a chance to explain all the benefits from signing up or applying to the program. As a consumer, I have to say that I too once said no to everything but some programs are very beneficial and the key is to find out which ones are worth having. As an avid fan of Ann Taylor Loft, having a credit card with the company was the smartest move I have ever made. While the interest rate is higher than your average Visa, it is about the same as any other store card out there. 

What is great about the program is that it rewards you. For every dollar spent in the store the customer receives 5 points. By accumulating these points, after spending $400 in the store, the customer earns a $20 reward. There is no time frame so however long it takes to reach $400 the customer still receives the reward. As a member, you also get 10% off every first Tuesday of the month and a birthday present of $15 off a purchase. If that doesn’t sound like enough, you can also sign up for the Ann Taylor LOFT Mastercard account that allows you to earn a point per dollar spent outside the store. This means that paying for your $5 coffee every weekday morning before work will turn into 25 points per week which will be 100 points by the end of the month. 

The credit card can be used at all four branches of the company which are, Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Factory, LOFT and LOFT Outlet. 

If you like the sound of it, apply online or visit your nearest store. When you apply, you earn 15% off your purchases for the first day of application.

Happy shopping! 

How to Say Goodbye to your Clothes

How many times do you find yourself standing in front of a closet full of clothes and say, “I don’t have anything to wear”? It happens all too many times and often it’s because we’ve either fallen out of love with some of the pieces, do not fit in the pieces or the closet is so stuffed we cannot even see what we own. The best solution to this is to say bye-bye to certain pieces and hello to donating. 

So how do we figure out what stays and what goes? An easy trick to find out what pieces you are actually using is to turn all of your hangers the opposite way. (Facing you). After you have used a piece, place it facing back to “normal.” (Facing the wall). This may be a bit awkward at first but after a few months, you will start to notice which items are being turned back into place and which ones are still facing you. 

If after six months you have several pieces that have not been turned back, you’ll be able to easily identify what should stay and what should go. 

Stay tuned for more helpful tips!